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Tim Stein
Catalyst Fund

The Tim Stein Catalyst Fund was established following the passing of our friend, Board member, and supporter, Tim Stein.  It was made possible by his fierce generosity and dedication to HIV/AIDS services, and reflects the values we share as a community. 

At his Celebration of Life, Tim's friends and loved ones shared stories of his unwavering support and his innate ability to recognize and celebrate human potential.  These stories, and our memories of Tim have helped shape this Fund, and we are grateful to Tim and our community in moving this iniative forward. 


Our Mission

Client Services

We work within systems that do not always meet the needs of our clients. Additional financial assistance is often needed to fill gaps along the care continuum. This includes dental needs, food assistance, transportation for non-medical basic needs, housing access, and durable medical equipment.  This Fund will also recognize the unique circumstances that arise which do not always fit perfectly within standard eligibility guidelines maintained by external programs. Client will work directly with their case manger and/or prevention staff to access these critical resources.


Advocacy remains at the heart of our mission. We are enhancing our capacity to engage with policymakers, healthcare providers, and the community at large to champion policies and legislation that positively impact people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. We've already made significant strides in expanding access to testing and prevention methods, and treatment options, and must continue to combat the persistent barriers that impact health outcomes.


As we implement these strategies and resources, we'll be providing data and progress on program outcomes here. Please stay involved and in touch with us as we further these efforts.

data below presented as of June 2024

Let’s Work Together

We believe Tim's legacy gift was more than a statement; it was an invitation to unite as a community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Sustaining and growing these services will require all of us. 

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